Bestly Tools is proud to introduce you to the new Bestly electric fork lift trucks, versatile due to its small turning radius of only 170 cm, 2 tons capacity and a standard maximum lift height of 550 cm, which can be extended according to your needs, useful for small and tall halls. Another feature of our forklift is worth highlighting its German engine and transmission, includes battery and charger.

Besides this our truck comes in a green color that is clearly visible in its facilities contributing to security, green is the color of nature inspires peace and quiet, which indirectly help operators overcome their day high stress that are experienced in loading and unloading operations.

Being electric, you are helping to have a cleaner world and reduce carbon footprint.

Those were some features of our new equipment if you want to know more about them please contact us, we will gladly give you the information needed to clarify their doubts.

To acquire the latest model truck or forklift for your facilities is not the only thing you should consider to enhance the working environment or conditions of your employees. It is also important to keep in mind that they are people who will be responsible to drive them, so they must be trained and should have minimum knowledge of the respective safety regulations for the safe use of the equipment and its operation.

Bestly Tools reminds you some important information about forklifts, please note also specific regulations of your own country might apply.

  • Forklifts are usually led by the rear wheels
  •   It’s easier to turn loaded than without load (because the load is balanced with counterweights)
  •  They have a center of gravity towards the back and lean forward when lifting forks
  • The center of gravity of a forklift moves depending on load placement, for this reason it moves when accelerating, braking and turns.
  • Tilt the mast back when traveling with load may help to create a better balance between the load and equipment.
  • The handling of the truck unloaded is of equal or greater importance as loaded, unloaded is more likely to rollover by the counterweight.
  • The operator must always keep arms and legs inside the vehicle.
  • The operator should sit facing the direction in which is traveling and not continue driving if the load will obstruct vision.
  • When lifting a load the operator must ensure that it is balanced, does not exceed the capacity of the truck and there are no obstructions.
  • When traveling with load keep the right side of the road, be careful with oil stains and is recommended to have the forks lowered.

For more tips on forklift operators contact us or visit the Administration for Safety and Health at Work (OSHA). Bestly Tools is not responsible for the content of this news, it is merely informative.