How to order

1.- Registration:
For your initial order with Bestly Tools you must register  to be able to view prices and shipping information.
A sales representative will contact you to verify your information and provide you with a password in order for you to be able to place orders in the future.

2.- Filling your Container:
Every product listing includes the product’s specifications, detailing the pieces per package, size and volume of the box, and the minimum quantity required for purchase.
Once you have filled in the quantity you wish to order, press “Add to Container”.
One of Bestly Tools unique website features is that you are always able to see the status of your shipping container, virtually located on the bottom right-hand side of the page.
At any time, click the “Container” icon to see what products you have added and to change the size of the container according to your requirements. 

3.- Placing an Order:
When you are finished adding products you may click “Place Order”.
You will then need to fill out the invoice and destination information, and confirm the order.
After the order reaches verification you will be contacted for the initial deposit to commence shipment.